If you’ve ever visited my first blog, Section 36, you know that I love pictures. I really love it when people send in pictures. The blog itself has had pictures submitted of people enjoying a game in Section 36, or people posing with Section 36 behind them, or pictures of Section 36 itself, or their view from Section 36. There are even pictures of people in other places, but showing the world that they would rather be in Section 36. The Section 36 Facebook page has more of the same. It’s been great. Probably the most fun aspect of the blog.

But, there was an obvious direction for that blog when it came to pictures. It’s a Red Sox blog, and Fenway has a Section 36. It’s different, obviously, for this blog. Gillette doesn’t have a Section 36. So, you can’t take a picture in it. Or from it. Or of it. Or with it. I suppose you could still make a sign saying you’d rather be in Section 36. But, if you’re a diehard Patriots fan, I’m willing to concede that might not be the case. So, how can you still feed my love of pictures?

With this logo.

I decided to make up this logo that can easily be printed out and brought places. So, if you’re going to a Patriots game, print it out and take your picture with it while you’re there. Or, if you’re going to the supermarket. Or a wedding. Just print it out, and bring it along. Whatever size you’d like, and onto whatever you’d like. I suppose you don’t even have to print it out. Just show it on your phone while someone else takes your picture. Or, if you’re talented you might be able to draw it yourself freehand. Whatever works for you. The logo is great because it would work for all the blogs in the Section 36 Sports family. (Even if you’re going to Fenway.) The possibilities are almost endless. 

So, here’s a copy of the logo for you. I can’t wait to see all the pictures people take with it!


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