Tuesday, December 3, 2019

K. Garcia Productions Week - Patriots Themed Shoots

During the month of December, the Section 36 blog is celebrating "Photography Month" with weekly posts about photography. Monday started the month off with a feature on a photographer who has meant so much to the success of Section 36, Kelsey of K. Garcia ProductionsI thought it would be fun to show just how much Kelsey's pictures have spread throughout the Section 36 Suite...all the way over to this blog.

K. Garcia Productions takes all sorts of photos, from headshots, to weddings, to shots on location, to just about anything. For instance, themed studio shoots.

Like...a Patriots themed one. That's exactly what happened when Kelsey combined her love of pageantry with New England's favorite dynasty. Check out these great shots!

Pretty sure Kelsey didn't actually take this first shot, since that's her in the middle. But, it's a great look at the fun group she assembled for the shoot.

I love foam finger prop and the yoga pose mimicking the yoga shirt. Fans of Section 36 (or pageantry) will recognize Olivia Clark from her interview with Section 36, and remember these pictures from their appearance on her Section 36 Pageants profile page.

Alexis Ferreira also did an interview with Section 36, and this picture joins others on her Pageants profile page. 

If you're doing a shoot with a group of titleholders, it's fun to get multiples in a picture. This great action shot really gives that playful look that shows how much fun the girls were having. You may recognize the kicker as Miss Massachusetts 2019 Lyndsey Littlefield. She also interviewed with Section 36, and has this photo included on her Pageants profile page.

Another prop was brought out for this picture with Jackie O'Keefe. Once again, she interviewed with Section 36, and this picture is on her Pageants profile page in the photo gallery.

This picture of Emily Yeo is a bit prophetic. Currently, Emily is a member of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. It's great the way this shot captures her smile. It's almost like she knew.

Speaking of NEPC, Nicolette Peloquin is also a current member of the cheerleader squad. This picture was also taken before she made the team.

As were these two. As you might remember, Nicolette is another interview guest with Section 36. These pictures, and more, can be found right here on this blog on her NEPC profile page.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this look into what fun a photo shoot with K. Garcia Productions can be. If you want to try your own themed shoot, I suggest you get in touch with Kelsey.

And be sure to check out all the blogs in the Section 36 Suite to see even more of her work!

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