Friday, February 10, 2017

Adding to the Championship Grid

After the last Patriots Super Bowl title, I realized that there were then nine champions for Boston professional sports in this century. If you had images of those nine titles, you could lay them out in a nice 3x3 grid. That would make for a pretty cool wall display.

But, they shouldn't be just any images. Sure, images of the first pitch and kickoff and tip off and puck drop of the championships would be neat, but pretty boring. And, not exactly important.

I felt that the grid should be made up of the seminal moment from each of the title runs. Either the most satisfying, or memorable moment of each title. Which images did I think should go into a grid?

2002 Patriots: Game winning field goal.
2004 Patriots: Game winning field goal.
2004 Red Sox: Foulke underhanding to Mientkiewicz.
2005 Patriots: Deion Branch catch.
2007 Red Sox: Papelbon jumping on Varitek
2008 Celtics: The new big three in action
2011 Bruins: Tim Thomas making a save
2013 Red Sox: The three players making the "safe" sign at home plate.
2014 Patriots: Malcolm Butler pick.

Those were the nine I would pick. Obviously, nothing is set in stone. Still wonder if a Victorino grand slam pic is better for 2013 Sox...but that wasn't in the World Series. Should that matter?

Anyway, we now have another one to add. I guess that means it can't be a 3x3 grid anymore. Have to go 5x2 or something. But, which image would you pick from Super Bowl LI? Some candidates jump to mind. Obviously the Edelman catch jumps to mind. What about James White driving to the end zone with the winning score? How about just about any picture of Tom Brady? (Well, ok, not the one of him diving to try and stop the interception return.) For me? As much as the Elelman pic would be a great one, and one that I definately want an autographed version of, I think the White score does it for me. Nothing means as much as the first ever overtime game-winning score. Never been a moment like that before.

Which one would you chose?

Which ten?

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