Tuesday, February 7, 2017

That is why We're Cocky

I'm still not sure I've come down yet. Sunday night was so over the top of anything I was expecting, I've been all over the place since then. What was supposed to be a cake walk became a thriller. It hasn't really had a chance to sit it. I've just been going through the motions. Watch the post game ceremony. Get out early to buy a newspaper. Two newspapers. A program. Watch video clips online all night.

But it's still not real.

Even though you always knew there was a chance, coming back from down 28-3 just requires such a perfect execution it's hard to really be comfortable with it.

Because, of course the Patriots were always potentially able to come back. I mean, really crazy territory, didn't they score three touchdowns in like three plays in the buttfumble game? It went something like pick-6, fumbled kick off returned, buttfumble return. Right? And, they came back against SF or Denver, or maybe both, where they just dominated the game for a chunk of time. Like the had a second gear in reserve. Scored three or four touchdowns by simply outplaying the other team.

Add to that the fact that when you really looked at it, Atlanta hadn't dominated the way the score would suggest. The pick-6 was skewing things. It wasn't completely far-fetched to think they could shut them down for a bit.

So, it was always a possibility. The clock just started to be more of an enemy than we might have liked. You started to do the math in your head. How many possessions are there time for? That's where the strip sack was huge. It made the math work again. All they had to do was do it.

So, that's why New England fans are cocky. It's not some sort of "In Bill We Trust" brainwashing. It's not some ego thrusting itself on everyone. We assume that the Patriots are going to pull it out, because they so often pull it out. It's like assuming that David Ortiz will come through in the clutch. Of course he will...he always does. Of course Brady will bring them back. He brought them back from 25 points down in the third quarter of the Super Bowl. The last time, he brought them back from down ten points in the fourth quarter to win the Super Bowl. That was after he brought them back from down 14 points...twice...in the AFC Divisional game.

So, the next time the Patriots are trailing, why would we worry?  There is apparently, nothing Brady can't do. 

It's not cockiness when you're right.

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