Monday, February 20, 2017

These Championships are Getting Expensive

I know. Poor spoiled New England fan. Your teams win too many championships. Boo hoo.

And, that's probably the proper reaction.

But, that doesn't mean that there really is something to think about. After all, if you're a collector, your team winning a championship means you'll be spending money. Even if you're like me and tend to shy away from big ticket items. I tend to go for mass quantities of cheaper items. Newspapers. Magazines. Soda cans and bottles. Which is why for this most recent Super Bowl win, I think I'm about done. I finally tracked down a commemorative Pepsi can. I could add that to the two Sports Illustrated magazines, program, and three newspapers. I love the newspapers and magazines especially since they really capture the moment. I like being able to put the championships into context like that. More than a t-shirt or autographed football can.

Plus, I've learned from all the practice New England fans have had. I tend to stay away from t-shirts now. For one thing, there's expensive. Plus, I amassed quite a few of them before I pulled myself back in. So, adding more is just excessive at this point. Besides, shirts calling out AFC champs, or even FOUR TIME CHAMPS just seem outdated now. So I make a real effort to avoid that sort of stuff. Unless, you know, it's cheap.

I've also learned how to find the things I do collect. I know which stores are open first thing in the morning that have a newspaper. And, which ones might have an early edition with a different headline. (Really mad I missed any "Falcons win" editions this year.) I know which stores get the magazines, and which have the cheapest prices. Its a skill. I don't want to miss anything just because I didn't know where to find it?

From, here I'll eventually add a picture to hang on the wall at some point. But, that's all that's left of my "regular" purchases. (Still love that I have "regular" purchases after my team wins a championship.) And, you never know what cool new thing will be out there that I've never thought of. But, hopefully I'll be able to keep the budget where it needs to be. Because, as I said, this can get expensive.

Which items are on your "must buy" championship collectible list?

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